Sephora Return Policy

Here we discussed details advice about Sephora return policy manual. The things purchased from or obtained as a present can simply be returned. The Sephora does not refund your original shipping fees, only if it's a mistake accomplished by Sephora.
Sephora took just two weeks of time to process your product sent by email. Client will receive mail when the return was processed.

When a client returns the merchandise via email to over 60 times of buy, you'll find a total refund. Should you paid with your credit or debit card then you'll find a refund of purchase price on your debit card or charge card.

The get your return item within 61-90 times of buy and should you paid with Sephora gift card or internet store credit or PayPal accounts and Sephora get it by email within 90 times of purchase, the consumer receives a refund in the type of internet shop credit and it might be redeemed at

If a person bought from and returned store, then by email, receive a refund only if returned within 60 days of purchase.  The refund is obtained on your debit or credit card.  The items bought on rather than returned by email, won't be reimbursed after the 90 days of purchase date.  The things that sent Sephora out of the yields window or not in brand new or gently used condition, with no receipt, not bought at Sephora might not be credited back.

sephora exchange policy

When return item by email, fill out both sides of return attached and form to arrange outline and join the return type with a product.  Also include your name, email address and contact number. Print the return tag from here and email with USPS.A client receives an email confirmation as soon as your return is processed.

sephora return policy used

When you stop by the Sephora store, bring the order list and return form with you and charge card which you used to make payment.

If a customer bought with JCPenny credit card, then the freestanding Sephora shop will provide a gift card or even a market. Return your item to some Sephora within JCPenny store to get a complete refund on your JCPenny card.

When a purchase made with PayPal accounts, the freestanding Sephora shop will provide a gift card, store credit or an exchange. The Sephora shops cannot process a refund for your PayPal account.


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